Anolis allisoni is a species of anole from Cuba where the females look similar to the common green anole (Anolis carolinensis) but the males are significantly larger and the first third of their body is a beautiful blue! Do a quick google search and you will find many stuning examples. I don't have many great photos of them as they hate the camera! They are just fine with a person observing them though.


They are extremely easy to keep and breed. The same care as a common green anole. They mature and reproduce quickly and will lay one egg every week for the majority of the year! They are a beautiful and active display species that make an excellent candidate for a beautifully plant naturalistic enclosure.


I cannot guarantee the sex of the juveniles so I am selling them as unsexed but I I am reasonably confident I can pick the males from the females.

Allison's anole (Anolis allisoni)