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Updated 9/16/19:

I have a decent number of eggs incubating from multiple lines so will be able to offer more lateralis in spring and summer of 2020.


Furcifer lateralis are a small and beautiful chameleon from Madagascar. They are one of the most common, widespread, and hardy chameleons.


Those being sold are very well started, and well past the delicate hatchling stage.

This is a great opportunity to pick up true CBB lateralis which are a world apart from WC lateralis. WC lateralis often come in at the end of their lives and females which are almost always gravid don't last long in captivity. CBB lateralis are just as hardy as panther chameleons at a fraction of the cost and space. Single adults can live their entire lives comfortably in an 18"x18"x18" terrarium. Bigger is good also. They do equally well in the typical screen chameleon enclosure or a beautifully planted glass terrarium. The variety of coloration exhibited by lateralis, especially females, is some of the best of all chameleons.


I guarantee live healthy arrival and am always there for support throughout the life of the animal. Apart from the health of the animal customer service is my number one priority. Please read the "reviews" section of my Facebook page for positive experiences of past customers.


I have attached pictures of some of the juveniles as well as some of my breeding stock to show the tremendous genetic potential these animals have. Lateralis do not show their stunning adult coloration until sexual maturity at approximately six months.

Please message me with any questions. Thanks for looking!

Carpet Chameleon (Furcifer lateralis)