I am making available two pairs and two trios of incredibly rare and beautiful Furcifer minor. I have already placed quite a few 2020 animals with intrested hobbyists and professional institutions. This last 4.6 will be the last that I offer in 2020. This is a species that is in desperate need of other hobbyists to seriously work with them. These will be ready to ship by the end of August as I wait until they are at least three months old before shipping.


I am working with the most diverse lineage of minor in the USA and the pairs are unrelated to each other.


I have tons of care information posted on my website including a Reptiles magazine article and a podcast from The Chameleon Breeder Podcast.




They can be purhcased directly from my site or you can message me with any questions. Thanks!


Lesser Chameleon (Furcifer minor)


    © 2017 Living Art by Frank Payne

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