UPDATE 2/25/21:

2020 was a great year for my minor project as I produced and sold many of them. However, I am currently sold out of minor for at least a year. Make sure to sign up on my site for notifications of availability. I do not have any eggs incubating currently. My 2020 holdback females are just starting to become mature so eggs should start filling the incubator soon but then it's the long wait of incubation which takes 6-9 months! So at best I will have minor available in the Summer of 2022.

I am working with the most diverse lineage of minor in the USA and the pairs are unrelated to each other.


I have tons of care information posted on my website including a Reptiles magazine article and a podcast from The Chameleon Breeder Podcast.




They can be purhcased directly from my site or you can message me with any questions. Thanks!


Lesser Chameleon (Furcifer minor)