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I have a group of 6.7 Panther chameleons ready to go now! They are 3-4 months old currently as of 1/12/20. They are true F1 so their genetics do not exist anywhere in the hobby. They are growing faster and are more vigorous than any other panthers I have seen. They are being sold as "presumed" Ambilobe (thus the very low price). The male was a giant and amazing wild caught Ambilobe and the mother was also wild caught and was sold by the importer as Ambilobe. They bred in captivity. They are being sold as presumed Ambilobe because it is impossible to tell the locality of a wild caught female. Either way the males are already turning out to be ridiculously colorful! They are presenting as yellow body with darker bars. The females are also extremely beautiful.


Several of the older males and females that are actually avaialble are pictured as well as the sire (last photo).


I am possibly interested in colorful Gargoyle geckos and Lygodactylus williamsi in trade. 

Panther Chameleons