Customer Support

Shipping & Delivery


Shipping of live animals can feel risky and intimidating to someone unaccustomed to it. Rest assured the industry has come a long way and shipping your piece of Living Art is both safe and reliable. 

Shipping is only done using FedEx priority overnight via the Ship Your Reptiles service. I will completely take care of shipping. I only need your zip code, phone number, and email address. The ideal method of shipping is to have your package sent to and held at a nearby FedEx ship center for you to pick up. This is an excellent way for people that work during the day to have packages safely waiting for them in a temperature controlled building. Doing so eliminates much of the time your animal spends on a delivery truck.

I charge a flat rate of $50 for shipping and handling anywhere in the continental United States. I do not charge more for shipping if you but multiple animals.

Your piece of Living Art will be packaged to industry standards in a fully insulated and cushioned box. Depending on the weather, a heat pack, cool pack, or Phase 22 pack may be used to regulate the internal temperature of the box to keep your animal safe and comfortable. Rest assured I have made thousands of live animal shipments and I am experienced in choosing the most appropriate packaging and temperature regulation.

Shipping can only be done when the day time highs on both ends are above freezing (32 F) or below 90 F. It is possible that weather may delay shipping. The health of the living animal comes first but I will always do my best to get you your animal as quickly as possible. I will never ship without confirming with you first.

Tracking Your Order


After preparing your shipment I will contact you with a FedEx tracking link so that you can track the progress of your package as it makes it's way to you.

Live Healthy Arrival Guarantee


I guarantee that every animal I sell will be alive and healthy upon delivery to you. However, I am not responsible for shipping delays and mishandling caused by FedEx. The safest way to have a live animal shipped is directly to a FedEx ship center and the package held there until you can pick it up. This ensures the animal spends as little time as possible on a delivery truck in uncontrolled conditions. Having the package sent to a ship center is the only way I can guarantee live arrival. If you insist that the package is sent to a business or residence then the live/healthy arrival is not guaranteed. If the package is being sent to a residence someone must be present to accept the package on the first attempt. I have never personally had an animal die during shipment. However, if that does occur I will need to be notified via email within one hour of delivery. Video evidence proving the DOA will need to be sent. Don't let this policy scare you! I have shipped over a thousand animals with a 100% success rate. I will never ship without agreeing on a date with the customer and without making sure weather conditions are within acceptable ranges.

Cancellation Policy

In general I do not allow cancellations. Buying a living animal is a major responsibility and should not be jumped into lightly. If you decide you no longer want the animal after purchasing it I am not responsible for refunding the money.

In cases of emergency I may allow for order cancellations but there will be a 25% nonrefundable deposit deducted from the total purchase price. 


100% Secure Ordering


I offer secure ordering via a number of methods directly on my website. You can use PayPal or any debit or credit card of your choosing.