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The Knuckles mountain pygmy lizard (Cophotis dumbara) is one of the rarest lizards in herpetoculture and is also critically endangered in it's native Sri Lanka. They are a perfect species to keep though as they are small, bold, active, hardy, and breed readily in captivity. Care is very similar to an Abronia or Uroplatus although I have found Cophotis to be hardier than those other genera. There are currently only a handful of breeders of this species in the USA but that will certainly change as people start to catch on to how wonderful these little lizards are. They make a perfect display species and are very interactive with their keepers. Many of mine will beg for food and jump on my hand during enclosure maintenance.


I have a care article that I wrote on this species posted on my website here:

Sri Lankan Pygmy Lizard (Cophotis dumbara)

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