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The first of the 2024 jeweled lacerta babies are ready to go! Raising your own baby is the best way to end up with a hand tame lacerta. In the meantime, my wife and I socialize the babies daily to give you the best chance at a stable and well started lacerta to work with.

The Jeweled lacerta, also known as the Occelated or Eyed lizard, is a medium sized lizard native to southwestern Europe. If I were only able to keep and breed one species of lizard they would be it. They have so much going for them: hardy, active, prolific, not too big or small, colorful, interesting social behaviors, and intelligence. It’s hard for me to pick another lizard that has all of these positive attributes.


Available are unsexed juveniles from three different pairings. I produce both melanistic (all black) and the normal colored variety. I have a detailed article on their care and breeding published on my website as well as a video on my YouTube channel. 

Before purchasing please read my Terms and Conditions posted here:


By purchasing an animal from me you are agreeing to my terms and conditions.

Jeweled Lacerta (Timon lepidus)

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