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I am currently transitioning away from selling unsexed juvenile williamsi to young adult sexed pairs. I may currently offer small numbers of unsexed juveniles but thanks to my new and improved raising set ups I should now be able to consistenly offer unrelated sexed pairs!

Lygodactylus williamsi are a beautiful small day gecko from the remote Kimboza forest in Tanzania. Due to deforestation and overcollection williamsi are critically endangered in the wild. All of my williamsi offered for sale are captive bred by me in my home, none of the williamsi I have ever owned have been taken from the wild.  

When setting up my breeding group I took the care and time to collect founding stock from as many different unrelated CBB sources as I could find. I keep my breeders only as pairs and keep very detailed records. I know the lineage, lay date, hatch date of every gecko I produce and sell. You will receive all of this information when you purchase any of my geckos. If you purchase a group of geckos I will make sure to provide unrelated animals to form your own breeding group.

I remove every single clutch that is laid from the terrarium and