Since blue tongues are seasonal breeders I am currently sold out and will not have any babies available until April or May of 2022. The wait will be worth it as 2022 should be my biggest and best year yet!


Northern blue tongue skinks make some of the very best pet reptiles. They are extremely hardy, sturdy, intelligent, friendly, and easy to feed. I have been continuously keeping and breeding Northern blue tongues for over twenty six years, far longer than the vast majority of skink breeders. During that time I have learned a lot about this species and I continue to grow and develop as a keeper and breeder. I offer some of the most beautiful and healthy skinks in the world. I offer a wide variety of colors and patterns with my specialty being the Pitch Black line of skinks. I produce and sell the blackest pure northerns in the world!

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)