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The 2024 breeding season is in full swing and I am getting multiple clutches every month! I should have some available later in the Summer and into the Fall.


Northern spiny-tailed geckos (Strophurus ciliaris) are an incredible species from arid Northern regions of Australia. This species is arboreal, spending almost all of it's time resting or climbing on thin branches. They are nocturnal but generally do not hide and sleep during the day fully exposed. Since this species is adapted to the extreme conditions of northern Australia they are quite hardy and tolerant of a variety of conditions. Daytime temperatures should be in the 90s and nightime temps can drop to the 60s or 70s. A winter cooling is natural and is likely necessary for breeding. They are insectivores and adults should be fed three times a week. Juveniles can be fed five times a week. A water bowl is not needed and will likely not be used. The enclosure should be sprayed in the evenings several times a week. 

Northern spiny-tailed gecko (Strophorus ciliaris)

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